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Path-Maker cutters are quite possibly the most versatile and maneuverable commercial brush cutters on Earth!

Saplings, Shrubs, Bushes, Bamboo, Roots, Vines, and more! Take it all out at ground level.

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In depth look at the unit

This short five minute video touches on all the main points of the unit and its functions.

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We found some of the densest thickets around, made sure they were full of vines, bushes, oak and pine saplings and small trees, and cut them down to size with our Gen 8 walk behind cutter! And unlike a standard walk behind, our unit doesn't leave 2 inch stubs after the cut, and it doesn't weigh 350+ pounds! Our lightweight, portable brush destroyer weighs in at only 41 pounds empty, and 45 pounds full of gas and oil. The oversized pneumatic tires make it easy to roll through and over some pretty intense terrain!

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We realize that bamboo is a serious issue for many homeowners across the country, and does up to a BILLION dollars in damages to homes and property every year. It's invasive, fast growing, and a real PITA to remove. Our unit will cut it out at ground level with ease. And to date, bamboo cut out with our units has only a 10% regrowth rate. Meaning 90% of the bamboo removed stays gone!

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Pine saplings and small pine trees can be a real pain to clear. They require more than a rotary cutter, and even if you can mow it down with a Bush Hog type mower, you've got the stubs left over. We don't want to see people on their knees holding a chainsaw sideways. On top of being a literal pain in the back, it's unnecessarily dangerous. Plus, our units can take out 4-inch diameter vegetation. That's thicker than a softball! Save your back and your limbs with our commercial cutters.

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We all know that dirt is the archenemy of chainsaws. Our unit uses a chainsaw chain, so there's no way our product can stay sharp when cutting at ground level. After all, the ground is where the dirt is! However, our unit has two big advantages that substantially slow the dulling process that dirt loves to impart. The first is the angle that our unit cuts at. When a chainsaw hits the dirt, it's almost always perpendicular. Our unit cuts much more parallel which means the cutting teeth aren't driven into the dirt the same. The second is the chain that we use. While we offer a few options for chain from carbide to standard, we use micro chain for its superior dulling resistance.

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How About a Path?

It's called a Path-Maker. Stands to reason it can make a path, right? So, let's see it performing the eponymous action! This particular video is a time lapse a round between a thicket and a Path-Maker spanning a brief 5-minute period. Unfortunately, the round one footage was filmed wrong (Hey, we make brush cutters, not cameras.), so we went back for round two. We'll let you decide who the winner is.

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