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Important Assembly Information

An incredibly important aspect of assembly, is making sure your throttle cable is not twisted. Whether this happens in transit, or during assembly, it can be a major problem. We feel this is so important that it deserves its own video. Failure to follow these instructions may result in improper assembly of the unit, and injury to the user.

Assembly: Video

Gen 8 Assembly

This video will guide you through all the necessary steps to get your Gen 8 unit up and running!

Assembly: Video

Proper Engine Idle

This video outlines the proper idle speed and sound for your brush cutter. If the throttle cable is pulled on forcefully, it is possible to knock the carburetor off kilter and cause high rpm idle. If this happens, refer to the video below for fixing this problem.

Assembly: Video

Carburetor Adjustment

If your unit is experiencing high idle, it's likely that the carburetor has been misaligned due to force on the throttle cable during assembly, or rough handling during shipping. This video covers the steps required to realign the carburetor and throttle cable. This should only be performed by an individual fluent in small engine repair.

Assembly: Video

Brush Cutting 101

This video will cover the basic method for using your Path-Maker Unit while making cuts. This by no means replaces the information in your user's manual! 

Assembly: Video
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